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Pastel Planet

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Oh green, you fill the air I breathe; So wet, and alive, your form. Oh blue, that fills the grounds below, how alive you keep its brown. Oh white above, how wide you reach, how warm, your cold embrace. On a summer morn, I feel the winter chill In the sun, I feel the moon. Oh Earth, so bountiful, yet reserved, and without– care and love, from all beings down here. I’ll bring you healing, […]


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There is a space, between life and death; It’s called the human mind. The waters within, are none like Lethe. Here, no wisdom lies beneath. In a space that brought forth many a war, the numbers now seem but to accost, the lives therein lost, that is now but lore; and their tears that fill up that river of gore. I live in this space, As we all do, In someone’s reality, As someone’s fool. […]