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A Tragic Escape

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Black / Short Verses On Madness

There is reluctance in her being, as she sets the sheets, this eve; from what or whom, I cannot say, just that her reluctance is plain to see. I motion toward her, but to no avail, she flinches, and moves along the table; with her timid hands moving flail, as she moves along, afraid and unstable. I ask aloud, to catch each soul, at the table by surprise, it was then she said, she’s worried […]

Understand That This Love

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Understand that this love you seek; like cupid himself has whispered my name into your daft, but longing ears; is not the love you seek. Understand that this love is selfish; that it will put itself before you, that it will appear an expanse, unfathomable, and unquenchable; for this, it is. Understand that this love you seek, is broken; cruel and closed– but if nurtured and bred, can surprise you yet; for this love is […]


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Mind Matter / Shorts / White

The leaves fall down from yesteryear, from the aging tree; my soul. These leaves are grey– Not brown, nor gold, and to touch, they’re freezing cold. They’ve travelled along; through space and time, To come lie gently at my feet. Learning so much, Breathing so boldly, To just lie gently at my feet.


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Black / LGBT

I wanted Love, but met Rape; standing in the corner of every bar. I wanted Love, but met Sin; In every tongue that was spoken. I wanted Love, but met You; who told me that I’m worthless. I wanted Love, –wanted– For now I want nothing, no more. For the anger in your eyes, and the venom in your tongue; brought a coldness to your heart; but a richness to your guise. Fooling me, Teasing […]