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Pastel Planet

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Oh green, you fill the air I breathe; So wet, and alive, your form. Oh blue, that fills the grounds below, how alive you keep its brown. Oh white above, how wide you reach, how warm, your cold embrace. On a summer morn, I feel the winter chill In the sun, I feel the moon. Oh Earth, so bountiful, yet reserved, and without– care and love, from all beings down here. I’ll bring you healing, […]

Bombay in Retroglamour

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Places / White

“Foreigners are future posterity.” said Madame De Staël, years before my birth. I concur; foreigners are future posterity. As I was, to the city that has –for the longest time– enamoured me, with all the prose and poetry I’ve read, describing it as– magic. Simply, magic. Bombay is an enigma to me, that gets harder to reduce to word or sound with every minute I spend within it. It is a city that romanticises its congruence […]