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Burgundy Roses, Lavender Skin

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Mind Matter / White

They don’t warn you of all the ills, that come from staring into– the well of your soul; the darkness within, that curdles to the top; foamy scum, from a timid heart. They don’t tell you of all that kills; all the monsters that wait, and the death that looms, ever patient, ever hungry, within a starving heart. They don’t tell you of all the pain you endure, whilst crawling to the door, after a […]

The queen of the sands

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Dedicated to the African queen, Precious Dombo Kurebwaseka The bleak silence of the classroom walls, Feels to me like agony. But the queen, upon her throne sits, Quite well and peacefully; She knows not sorrow, hate or pain, Just love for all things true. The gift she says: is to be loved, Not how much it would cost you. And with this said, she rides once more, On the everlasting wings, Free- from all the […]