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Mind Matter / Self-help / White

Try, when trying is all that’s left to do, when the screaming and crying begins to hurt you, when your life is no better by standing so still, when you’ve lost all hope, and maybe your will. Try, for at that point you have naught to lose; no face to save or need to prove, to anyone but yourself– that you’re worth your weight, and can stand your ground– that your past does not still […]


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Mind Matter / White

Salt of the earth, is the salt within me. The same salt in the air; like the salt in the sea. The oneness of the salt, marks the oneness of being– How the salt in the sea, mimics the salt within me. Though the salt is abundant, the water is scarce; though life is abundant, the living are laced– with poison that seeps, from the infertile mind, into the soil beneath; where the salt is […]