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Burgundy Roses, Lavender Skin

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Mind Matter / White

They don’t warn you of all the ills, that come from staring into– the well of your soul; the darkness within, that curdles to the top; foamy scum, from a timid heart. They don’t tell you of all that kills; all the monsters that wait, and the death that looms, ever patient, ever hungry, within a starving heart. They don’t tell you of all the pain you endure, whilst crawling to the door, after a […]

Bombay in Retroglamour

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Places / White

“Foreigners are future posterity.” said Madame De Staël, years before my birth. I concur; foreigners are future posterity. As I was, to the city that has –for the longest time– enamoured me, with all the prose and poetry I’ve read, describing it as– magic. Simply, magic. Bombay is an enigma to me, that gets harder to reduce to word or sound with every minute I spend within it. It is a city that romanticises its congruence […]


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To understand why everyday struggles are short-lived can be a cumbersome task, but alas! those problems matter not in the end. Pain, however, is an emotion that all beings feel, and its understanding is of dire importance.

Fragments of loss

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Shorts / White

“Have you ever been hurt?” She asked me. “No, not in particular. Don’t you know; I have no heart.” …Silence. Frozen the air remained, till she began again… “You know that you don’t have to be so recluse and alone, the world is a comforting place. There’s a lot of joy and happiness in the little things.” I didn’t raise my head. Bent and broken I asked, “Really, Like what?” A smile crept upon her […]