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Mind Matter / Shorts / White

The leaves fall down from yesteryear, from the aging tree; my soul. These leaves are grey– Not brown, nor gold, and to touch, they’re freezing cold. They’ve travelled along; through space and time, To come lie gently at my feet. Learning so much, Breathing so boldly, To just lie gently at my feet.

Whispering at a broken tomorrow

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The warm glow of the TV comforts me as I proceed to sleep alone tonight, as I’ve done every night since you’ve been gone. Colours dull out. Sounds shatter against deaf ears. Words loose upon my lips. -The TV is now but noise. Noise; Angry, agitated scratching against a cold and rusty door. -Your final call for the night. Soon enough I’ll drift away; To pleasant skies, And open plains. Soon enough, you’ll be the […]