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Burgundy Roses, Lavender Skin

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Mind Matter / White

They don’t warn you of all the ills, that come from staring into– the well of your soul; the darkness within, that curdles to the top; foamy scum, from a timid heart. They don’t tell you of all that kills; all the monsters that wait, and the death that looms, ever patient, ever hungry, within a starving heart. They don’t tell you of all the pain you endure, whilst crawling to the door, after a […]

Pandering To A More Basic Guilt

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Black / Shorts

The irony was lost to him, of complaining of polluted skies, when the remains of burning plant matter left his lungs. You are the victim and the perpetrator, to the crimes that you cry wolf to. You are the God of your own anguish, Mothered by pain, and your reluctance to change. Fathered by the passing of time, that makes you realize­– your own mortality.


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There is a space, between life and death; It’s called the human mind. The waters within, are none like Lethe. Here, no wisdom lies beneath. In a space that brought forth many a war, the numbers now seem but to accost, the lives therein lost, that is now but lore; and their tears that fill up that river of gore. I live in this space, As we all do, In someone’s reality, As someone’s fool. […]