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Addressing changes to come

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Hello readers, I haven’t posted content in the longest time, I feel, and that is because I was taking some time to concentrate on course work, etc. However, I’m back on it, and would like to bring to your notice the changes I plan on making to the site, alongside regular content. I plan on including more opinion pieces, poetry readings, and art, and maybe a side-thing for soundcloud? However, this is subject to the […]

The queen of the sands

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Dedicated to the African queen, Precious Dombo Kurebwaseka The bleak silence of the classroom walls, Feels to me like agony. But the queen, upon her throne sits, Quite well and peacefully; She knows not sorrow, hate or pain, Just love for all things true. The gift she says: is to be loved, Not how much it would cost you. And with this said, she rides once more, On the everlasting wings, Free- from all the […]


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I don’t deserve this She doesn’t deserve me. He just doesn’t care. It’s not like he’s really there. My mind’s right on the edge, And I don’t want to see, What I would go back to, If they continued what they did. I’m not saying- I’m not wrong, I’m just saying they don’t see, What it really feels like to live like me. They’ll never really come close, To knowing who I am, And I’m […]