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Mind Matter / Shorts / White

The leaves fall down from yesteryear, from the aging tree; my soul. These leaves are grey– Not brown, nor gold, and to touch, they’re freezing cold. They’ve travelled along; through space and time, To come lie gently at my feet. Learning so much, Breathing so boldly, To just lie gently at my feet.

Wild Whining; Wolf Whining

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Black / Mind Matter

A whisper, here, to break the quiet. To spark the flame, and begin the fright. A tear shed, there, like a prayer in the dark, to no one but yourself- in the air, a bloody bark; From somewhere in the woods– the woods inside your mind, where the wolves have come to feed; a lowly creature whines. There is no one there but me. No Devil to blame, but myself. Left to suffer as a human […]


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Mind Matter / Self-help / White

Try, when trying is all that’s left to do, when the screaming and crying begins to hurt you, when your life is no better by standing so still, when you’ve lost all hope, and maybe your will. Try, for at that point you have naught to lose; no face to save or need to prove, to anyone but yourself– that you’re worth your weight, and can stand your ground– that your past does not still […]