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Black / LGBT

I wanted Love, but met Rape; standing in the corner of every bar. I wanted Love, but met Sin; In every tongue that was spoken. I wanted Love, but met You; who told me that I’m worthless. I wanted Love, –wanted– For now I want nothing, no more. For the anger in your eyes, and the venom in your tongue; brought a coldness to your heart; but a richness to your guise. Fooling me, Teasing […]

Consenting Agnostic

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Black / LGBT / White

On a wickedly splendid day we sang, To higher powers within, As the sun rose through – -The Dark that day; A fear within me sprang. I went right home, And fervently prayed, For the fear in my heart; to remove, And the beast on my shoulders; to slay. Pages from the Holy Scriptures, I tore and plastered to my walls, And, the Red of Forgiveness, I showered in, tall. Paraphernalia, paraphernalia, Yes, the Heart…my […]

The Maudlin Sun

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LGBT / White

This is a poem I wrote on the LGBT community in India. Here is an ode to the stars that have brought me, Closer to life than I would have on my own. Here’s an ode to the people who’ve thought me, Everything they part as right from wrong. My life today, is as they see it, A blank from start to end. For if I look inside myself, I’ll only find fear and doubt […]