About me and my work…

I’m currently 22 years young, living in India, and perpetually swimming a river of melancholia and positivity.

I’m an aspiring author and student of the Law.
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and I don’t really have a set type of work that I involve myself with. So, whether it’s poetry, novels, plays, etc., I don’t have a specific interest; I write it as it is.
It also vastly depends on my mood… If I feel nostalgic and slightly melancholic like the maudlin bard that I am, I’ll probably end up writing a ton of poetry; and If I’m awe-inspired by certain events, I work toward penning down a novel, short or play, and occasionally, songs.
I’ve been a weirdo for as long I can remember (haha) But what’s wrong with that?
The best of us are, and I embrace that about myself. It’s made me who I am today.

Apart from writing, I love video-gaming, singing, and being as active a voice I can for the LGBTI all over. (A rainbow flag is probably the most apt and inclusive symbol of any movement, to date.)

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this..
Hope you enjoy what I’ve put up. And please engage with me via the comments section, or via private message on any of my social media handles if you’d rather that 🙂
If you have any other queries or concerns that you’d like to address with me, feel free to send me a message and I’ll look into it ASAP.

Sharran Thomas.

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